The Big Day

Apple had originally indicated that my new laptop would be ready for collection on Wednesday this week.  However Tuesday suddenly got a lot more exciting when I received a notification saying I could collect my order. Bringing it in 24 hours early is certainly a good customer experience!

So I popped off to the Apple Store after work and duly collected it from the very nice (and obviously very well trained) people there.

After getting it home I went through all the standard processes: connected it to WiFi, enabled iCloud etc. Then, after logging in, I remembered to checked in the App Store and download the pending updates. Whilst the download was running I was able to configure Mail and Calendar to point to my account – which triggered a handy text from Microsoft reminding me to setup an application password (due to the fact I use 2 factor authentication), the text even came with a direct link to do it, so hats off to Microsoft for thinking that one through properly. I also got my first experience of ‘Hand Off’ when the link I opened on my iPhone appeared in the bottom left corner of the dock on the MacBook so I could more easily read the website – very impressive! I got the account all configured with no issues and as I finished configuring those apps, the system was ready to reboot to install the update. Initially I was concerned to be told it would take 22 minutes to install, but it actually progressed pretty fast and only took about 12mins, so not too bad after all.

I got Office 365 downloaded, OneDrive set up and Adobe Creative Cloud installed bringing LightRoom and PhotoShop with it, plus a few other tools that I figure I’ll be needing. All in all – and thanks predominately to the cloud – I got a fully useable system, with complete access to all my data, in a little over 3 hours…which doesn’t strike me as being too bad at all!

So the laptop is home, it’s updated and I’ve officially started using it – I guess here’s where the experiment really begins!


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