What Will I Be Using?

So having been able to play with the laptop for a couple of days, I’ve now opened up the rest of my goody bag!

In conjunction with the laptop I’ll be using an external monitor, keyboard and mouse, and I’ve also got a sleeve to keep the laptop in when travelling with it.

Here’re the details:

  • MacBook Pro 13″ with Retina Display (early 2015 model)
    • The ‘off the shelf’ unit available in store is a bit paltry, so mine was purchased on-line and has been souped-up with a 256GB SSD and 16GB RAM
  • Magic Mouse 2
    • Slim enough to carry around
    • Large enough to feel good in the hand
    • Rechargeable so won’t eat through batteries
    • So far I’m quite impressed with the extra functions it provides for scrolling, switching between apps etc although there’s a definite cognitive load at this stage until it becomes muscle memory
  • Apple Keyboard
    • with numeric keypad for number entry, and wired – because I’ve used wireless in the past and just don’t get on with it.
  • HP 27ea 27″ Full HD monitor
    • 27″ for easier viewing
    • built-in audio to replace the laptop speakers when working at the desktop
    • connects to an external speaker to provide extra oomph at the low end, and also means I don’t need an extra cable to the speaker
    • Note that I need a wired speaker, not wireless audio, because I deal with video and audio production and need to ensure the tracks are perfectly in sync, which wireless doesn’t always deliver
  • Incase ICON sleeve for MacBook Pro
    • ‘Heather grey’ because it matches the laptop better than the black 😉

So that’s the list of toys. From here on in it’s all software based shenanigans. At least until I see something else to go with my new setup of course 😉


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