Quick Tip: Navigate Finder with the keyboard

As a Windows power user I’m used to navigating around folders in Explorer with the keyboard – for example it can be a lot quicker to press ‘End’ to get to the last item in a folder followed by ‘Enter’ to open it, than to use a mouse to scroll through the folder and then double-click.

But what of Finder in macOS?

Keyboard navigation is possible, and even logical, once you know the keys to use!

For a Windows-bod, the first thing is to get your head around the different modifier keys:

  • Command ⌘
  • Shift ⇧
  • Option ⌥
  • Control ⌃
  • Caps Lock ⇪
  • Fn

Once you know those, you can try some of the following:

Shortcut Description
Command-N Open a new Finder window.
Shift-Command-N Create a new folder.
Command–Up Arrow Open the folder that contains the current folder.
Command–Down Arrow Open the selected item.
Command-Delete Move the selected item to the Trash.
Shift-Command-Delete Empty the Trash.
Option-Shift-Command-Delete Empty the Trash without confirmation dialog.

Of course there’re plenty more to learn, but I’ve found these a good place to start.

For more shortcuts take a look at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201236 and http://www.dummies.com/computers/macs/mac-operating-systems/mac-os-x-finder-keyboard-shortcuts-3/


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