Videography on the cheap

As previously mentioned, I’ve recently been working on a major video project.  This hobby came about as a side-effect of my photography and so, when choosing which software to work with, it made sense to temporarily increase my Adobe subscription to the full Creative Cloud bundle.  This gave me easy access to Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Encore in order to edit the video, create VFX, manipulate the audio and author a custom DVD respectively.

Unfortunately, for someone who only occasionally works on video projects as a hobby, the cost of the full CC subscription is just too great to justify.  With the move to macOS, and the ending of the project, it was time to find a new set of editing programs.

Now the obvious step would be to invest in Final Cut Pro, Motion, Logic Pro X and Compressor as the premium Apple counterparts to the Adobe programs.  Unfortunately this combination costs in the region of £598 – albeit for a perpetual license which is cheaper than a year of Adobe CC, but still too much for what is really an occasional hobby.

One of the strengths of macOS seems to be in the bundled software – the iWorks suite, iMovie and GarageBand being especially notable. I’ve not tried iMovie in anger yet, but was pleased to see in a brief overview that it can perform simple colour correction, as well as being a reasonable NLE (non-linear editor). I’ll definitely be playing around with iMovie and GarageBand to see just how much of my work flow these free apps can handle.

In the meantime, however, I’ve found the following combination of free software which performs admirably and will allow me to handle all my projects:

I’d already used Audacity in the past on Windows so I think I should be able to get going with that pretty smoothly; DaVinci Resolve and DVDStyler I’m already using and getting my head around; Fusion and Blender I’ve not tried yet but look forward to learning about them as I go along.

Am I overcomplicating my workflow? Are there easier options for what I’m doing? Quite possibly – but I’m used to having complete control over my projects and being able to fully customise my DVD menus (not just dropping a background onto an existing template, but animating ins and outs, creating structures etc.) and so far the only way I’ve found to do that is with DVDStyler.  Whether Resolve is too much  and iMovie would be a better way to handle my projects remains to be seen – but either way I’m looking forward to finding out 🙂


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