OneDrive keeps it simple

As previously mentioned, I utilise OneDrive very heavily.  Because I pay for the Office 365 Home subscription, as well as getting installs of the Office 2016 suite for up to 5 nominated users, each user also gets 1TB of storage on OneDrive.  Consequently, for me, OneDrive is the centre of my off-site backup strategy. (We also have a Western Digital My Cloud device on our home network for on-site backup as it integrated easily with both the Windows File History and macOS Time Machine tools).

Although my Windows desktop syncs all its files into OneDrive (for back-up) I’m able to choose which folders from OneDrive get sync’ed onto my MacBook, protecting the limited storage of that device.  For example OneDrive contains all the raw footage from video projects shot over the last 2 years, but I don’t need that on the MacBook, so I only sync the folders containing the final edits.

Conversely I only need to synchronise the files I specifically put into the OneDrive folder on the MacBook up into the cloud (and onto the Windows PC).  For example, I’m currently tinkering around with an animated DVD menu structure, but I don’t need all the temporary and test files constantly uploading to the cloud – so I can leave them in their default locations on the MacBook SSD, and just move the final project into OneDrive once I’m happy it’s completed.

In line with what’s becoming a recurring theme in my posts – it’s because there’s such good cross-platform support that this service works as well as it does, and it shows that Microsoft’s “Cloud First/Mobile First” and “Mobility of experience” strategies really do work – they may have lost me as a Windows customer, but they still provide great support for the areas that I want to remain a Microsoft customer.  I.e. just because I’ve switched platforms, doesn’t mean they’ve completely lost my revenue.


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