Beauty & The Beastly Scratches

Despite owning and throwing my Surface Pro 3 around for 2½ years, it seems it was made of sterner stuff than my new MacBook Pro (2015).

During that time, the Surface lived on my desk, was shoved in and out of the laptop compartment of a camera bag (rucksack style), was dropped in and out of a laptop ‘messenger’ style bag and was even carted around ‘naked’ without any kind of case to speak of.  In all that time of abuse and use, it picked up only 2 real scratches on its body:


After 2½ years of abuse these were the only marks on the Surface


Contrast that with my new MacBook Pro – I’ve had it about 2½months, and already the cats have made their presence know, and an unknown assailant has taken a chunk out of the bottom:


The Kitty-Cats have left their mark…




…and a small chuck has come out of the base.

I’ve already got a proper sleeve for the MacBook, and obviously I need to do a better job of making sure I put it in there when not in use.  But sometimes I need to leave the machine out and plugged in.  It seems I’m going to have to bite the bullet, return to the Apple Store later this week, and purchase some kind of shell if I’m going to make this machine last as long as my previous one!


Incase 13″ Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro with Retina display…although it seems only the blue one is still around




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