Quick Tip: What’s In A (File) Name?

Got a question mark ‘?’ in your Microsoft Word for macOS filename? Then no auto-recover for you!

Yes – seriously.  If the filename for your Word for macOS document includes a question mark, then it breaks the autorecover feature of that program.

Why would you have a question mark in a file name though? Well – mainly because Word is very good at automatically suggesting a name for your document – generally whatever the first line say – including punctuation!

Anyway, long story short – if you come across the following message, then simply resave/rename your document without the question mark and all will be well again!


You cannot save while the file is in use by another process. Try saving the file with a new name.

Word is unable to save the AutoRecover file in the location you have specified.  Make sure that you have specified a valid location for AutoRecover files in Preferences, and that you have permission to write files to the location you specified.


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