Quick Tip: Apple Watch Bluetooth

Having recently been sucked further into Apple’s quicksands with the purchase of an Apple Watch Series 2, I soon found myself experiencing the Bluetooth blues!

If, like me, you have a Griffin iTrip Clip but, upon pairing it with an Apple Watch all you get is “could not pair, make sure the device is turned on and in paring mode”, this tip might help you out.

After spending a fair amount of time searching t’interweb I finally found this post, which has provided the following process to successfully connect my Bluetooth headphone adapter.

  1. Put the Apple Watch into airplane mode
  2. Start the Bluetooth device in discoverable mode
  3. On the Apple Watch go to Setttings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth.
  4. When the Bluetooth device appears on the screen select it et voila it should pair successfully
  5. Turn off airplane mode

After this it all worked hunky-dorey.  I can’t take credit for this tip, but I though it was too good not to share!


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